Submit to Anthology

The first anthology book published by Wonder Works is planned for 2018/2019. The anthology will include poetry, prose, and even samples from existing books.

Theme: Rising Above

Think Chicken Soup for the Soul done poetically and gracefully with voices that resonate with today’s reality and our hopes for something better. There is grit and there is good.

Wonder Workers may submit their work for consideration at no charge. Non-associates must submit a fee with their work.

Previously published works are not acceptable, with the exception of an excerpt or sample from a published lengthier work. We hold first right of publication and the right to reprint, and make your work in piece or in its entirety available on our website or other places for any purposes. After publication, rights revert back to you. We ask that if you publish this work elsewhere in the future that credit is given to Wonder Works.

Those selected to have their work included in the anthology will receive two copies of the paperback in addition to name credit inside the book and your name listed as a contributing author on our website. If selected, you’ll receive additional information for editing, formatting, and expectations for co-promoting and supporting this work.

Those not selected for the anthology may be considered to have their work published here on our site. If you do not want to be considered for publication here, please let us know when submitting.

There are no additional payments. Additional copies will be available at reduced cost.

All expenses for publication are born by Wonder Works Services, LLC.